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Growing up in Sweden, Marta was an exuberant person who longed for a smile that would express her positive outlook on life. Unfortunately, Marta was born with a gummy smile, and with her upper teeth protruding too far out and down, way below where her smile line should have been. About five years ago, she decided to have cosmetic dentistry to correct her dental problems. Although she felt the results were something of an improvement, they were far from the mark she had hoped for; worse — it was a really unpleasant experience. But eventually her exuberant nature helped her move on and, while living in the United States, she researched cosmetic dentists who could help her achieve her original goal. The most effective treatment would be a special challenge because, in the process of eliminating a gummy smile, more tooth surface is exposed, making the teeth appear longer. If the teeth are short to begin with, this is desirable. But if they are correct, the solution creates another problem. By deciding to begin Marta’s treatment with a gum lift, we were able to meet the challenge. We determined where her new smile line should begin, and where it should be positioned in her mouth. Now we fabricated an extremely accurate 3-D model of her upper arch, which represented exactly how the final outcome would appear.  This became our blueprint, closely followed to prepare the porcelain veneers that would give Marta’s smile a new lease on life. A total of ten veneers were placed on Marta’s upper arch, and we were able to complete exactly the cosmetic makeover Marta had always hoped for just before her trip back to Sweden for the holidays. She actually enjoyed the experience this time around, and her smile is now as exuberant as her personality.

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