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Stacy had lost one of her front teeth when she was very young.  At that time they replaced her missing tooth with a Maryland bridge.  This is a pretty conservative approach since the whole tooth is not filed down to make a conventional bridge.  However, they can be unsightly if metal is used to make the bridge.  When Stacy visited our office she had just graduated from Harvard Law school and was about to start a very prestigous position.  Needless to say she was not willing to start with her smile the way it was.  Stacy had an implant placed to replace the missing tooth and now she was ready for her smile makeover. The challenge in Stacy’s situation was that the space for the implant was extremly wide and if it wasn’t distributed properly Stacy’s smile would have looked awkward . Our treatment consisted of laser gum lift to reduce the gummy look and create better symmetry.  Once that was completed we proceeded to prepare 7 Laminates and one implant Crown.


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