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Vikki’s Story

Vikki's smile transformation is a powerful testament to the impact of clenching on dental health and the incredible results that can be achieved through a full reconstruction. When Vikki first came to us, we immediately recognized the classic signs of a clenching habit – a forceful, sustained bite that can have devastating consequences for both the back and front teeth.

To illustrate the effects of clenching, imagine a beach chair on the sand. If a skinny person sits on it, the chair may not sink much. However, if someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger were to sit on that chair for an extended period, the chair would inevitably start to sink deeper and deeper into the sand. This is precisely what happens when teeth are subjected to the intense pressure of clenching.

In Vikki's case, the clenching had caused her back teeth to sink into the bone that held them in place. As a result, the forces on her front teeth increased dramatically, leading to the formation of spaces between them. Vikki had previously undergone front veneer treatment, but over time, the pressure from clenching began to push her teeth out of alignment, causing her bite to collapse.

To make matters worse, the clenching had also stripped away portions of Vikki's enamel – a precious protective layer that, once lost, can never be regained. It was clear that Vikki needed a comprehensive solution to address the root cause of her dental issues and restore her smile to its former glory.

Our plan for Vikki involved a full reconstruction to reestablish her bite to its original state, before the damaging effects of clenching had taken their toll. By meticulously designing and crafting a new smile that accounted for the unique challenges posed by Vikki's clenching habit, we were able to create a stunning transformation that not only looked beautiful but also functioned optimally.

But our work didn't stop there. To ensure the longevity of Vikki's new smile, we implemented a multi-faceted approach to controlling the situation. This included the use of custom-fitted guards and retainers to protect her teeth from the forces of clenching, as well as innovative therapeutic Botox treatments to help reduce the intensity of her bite forces.

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Thanks to the skill and dedication of our team, Vikki's smile was completely transformed. She no longer had to worry about the spaces between her front teeth or the damage caused by her clenching habit. Instead, she could smile with confidence, knowing that her teeth were protected and her bite was optimized for long-term health and stability.

If you're struggling with the effects of clenching or other dental issues, Vikki's story is a powerful reminder that there is hope. With the right team of experts and a personalized treatment plan, you too can achieve the smile of your dreams and enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

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