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Chloe’s Story

Chloe’s anxiety over her teeth rose to such a degree that she didn’t want to take photos anymore. She felt self-conscious and embarrassed. She didn’t like going out as much as she previously did. Work became a problem because, before the pandemic, she had an onsite job, which required her to speak to people quite a bit. Thinking about her teeth became a relentless and punishing habit. “It became about not just my smile, but everything about me. I was more aware of my physical appearance. I was thinking about it every day, and I didn’t want to think about it.” Chloe researched dental practices online and found us. She met with Dr. Tabib and felt like she could trust him. “He almost feels like a father figure,” she said.

We showed Chloe our plan for getting her teeth and gums healthy and beautiful again, and then we told her to think about what we were suggesting. “They documented everything for me, so I knew going into it how much work would be done and what outcome I could expect.” The first step was to address Chloe’s gums which were extremely infected and enflamed. We used a laser to even out her gumline. We carefully cleaned everything and then gave Chloe’s gums time to heal. “Surprisingly, it wasn’t painful,” said Chloe. “They numbed me up quite well, and they always checked in with me to see how I was doing. It was a very smooth process and didn’t take as long as I thought it would.” After her gums healed, the next step was to put porcelain crowns on all of her upper teeth. We had prepared Chloe that this was a longer process, and we decided together to do this procedure under sedation to calm her nerves and anxiety. “I took a relaxing nap, and by the time I woke up, the procedure was almost done.”


At this point in Chloe’s treatment plan, we have completed the restoration of her upper arch. The next step will be to complete the lower arch.

“It was very, very, very worth it!” said Chloe. (We love that ‘very, very, very!’)

“I feel so much happier. It gave me back a little bit of my life.”

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, many resources are available to you. We encourage you to get help and confide in a friend.

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