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Stephen’s Story

Stephen Davis grew up being teased about the gap between his front teeth, and to make matters worse for teenage Stephen, he also acquired a chip in one of his front teeth. Fast forward a few decades, and he’s a busy doctor practicing in upper Manhattan. He had a series of false starts at achieving his best smile; complications always arose, and he never quite had the time to see it through. Finally, as he neared retirement, Dr. Davis felt he could give it another go. He began to Google dentists in his area, read Yelp! reviews, and weigh his choices. This is how he located Drs. Mello and Tabib. Just a half block from The Met and, more importantly, convenient to Dr. Davis’ own practice and home, it seemed this highly recommended dental office was worth a try. Although Dr. Davis may have expected more complications as he approached his dental work once again, they never came. Instead, he was wooed by a kind staff and relaxed atmosphere. He began to see that Dr. Tabib wasn’t just another pretty face—he was qualified and great at what he does.

Dr. Tabib, sensing that Dr. Davis may have a bit of anxiety around being the patient instead of treating the patient, played music to put Dr. Davis at ease in the treatment chair. Through the whole process of receiving porcelain veneers and crowns on ten upper and eight lower teeth, plus a dental implant to replace a tooth that couldn’t be restored, Dr. Davis found that he was actually enjoying his visits to the dentist for the first time in his life!

Each time he left Dr. Tabib’s office, he felt good about the experience, encouraged that things seemed headed in the right direction, and invigorated, thanks to the complimentary espresso. Dr. Stephen Davis reports feeling more confident and able to express his personality with less reservation. Though he is now retired, he felt after his smile restoration that he could be more genuine with the patients in his own practice thanks to his newly “personable smile.”


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