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Like our recent patient, Joe Parvenah was a member of our extended family who had been dissatisfied with her previous dental work. Her original dentist was well-known, and had been highly recommended. But his years of treatment had failed to address her numerous problems properly and, as a result, they had (as they always do) gotten worse over time. By the time Parvenah decided to come in for a consult, we found some serious issues that needed attention: she had broken implants in her bone that was never removed, and had been left with ill-fitting dental bridges that had completely infected her teeth, leaving her with abscesses that would not heal. Unfortunately, to repair the damage and neglect, we had to first remove more teeth and rejuvenate her entire mouth from scratch. If we hadn’t realized the extent of her problems, she would have soon needed full dentures. With the help of our specialist, Dr. David Weinstein, we were able to create a treatment plan that would cure the infections first, and then add a series of dental implants that would distribute her bite forces evenly and with less trauma to her remaining teeth. Parvenah’s reconstruction was extremely difficult because her jaw bone was very thin to begin with, and needed a highly-trained implant dentist who could place the required implants successfully, even with compromised bone. Although it took about twelve months to complete Parvenah’s reconstruction, the outcome left her pain- and infection-free for the first time in years, and enjoying beautiful, functional new teeth that would withstand years of service. Once again, as with Joe, we were gratified to be able to improve the life and health of a family member.


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