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Aja Perkins, a professional model/actress from New York, has been seen in many fitness magazines, editorials, commercials, music videos, on the runway and in feature films, and has won numerous fitness titles. Despite all her accomplishments and numerous projects in development, she knew it was essential to fix her smile. Years ago, an attempt had been made to create a beautiful smile with six crowns placed on her front teeth. However, the gummy smile and overly protruding front teeth were not addressed.  In fact, the bulky crowns on her front teeth actually made the situation worse than it had been originally, and also left unsightly dark lines at the gum line. So Aja rarely smiled in her pictures and felt terrible about it.  Our treatment for Aja began by correcting her excessive and uneven gummy display with a laser gum lift.  After a few weeks we were satisfied with position of her gum line. Then, we replaced her original upper front six crowns  with a more contemporary all porcelain option, and added four more veneers (two on either side) on the top arch, and six veneers on the lower arch. Now, when you see Aja on screen, or in the magazines, you will also see a beautiful, confident smile.


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