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Cathy’s Story

When Cathy walked into our office, she was super worried about her lower front teeth. They were starting to spread apart, and she couldn't believe it! This wasn't a problem when she had her last smile makeover years ago. Cathy wanted to close those pesky gaps between her lower teeth and thought porcelain veneers were the way to go. But we had to break the news to her – veneers weren't the best choice this time around.

You see, over time, Cathy's bite had collapsed because she was clenching and grinding her teeth. This meant that we didn't have enough room vertically to put in veneers that would look just right. Picture this: if Cathy's lower teeth should have been 10 millimeters long, but we only had 6 millimeters of space, we'd be in trouble. If we didn't have the right amount of space, she'd end up with tiny, fake-looking teeth that would make her cringe every time she smiled.

The best option for Cathy was to rebuild all her teeth with brand-new porcelain crowns and veneers. This way, we could give her teeth that were the perfect size and shape to fit her face like a glove. We had to design her smile to match her facial features and proportions. If we didn't do this, she'd end up with chunky, poorly proportioned teeth that would not only look awful but also wouldn't stand the test of time.

Without making her teeth taller, we'd be stuck with wide, stubby teeth instead of sleek and elegant ones. By giving Cathy a complete smile makeover with crowns and veneers, we made sure her smile was absolutely stunning and would stay that way for years to come. Now that's something to smile about!

Dr. Tabib, Cathy, and Dr. Mello Posing

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