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Keith’s Story

Imagine the crushing blow of losing a front tooth in an accident, only to be left with a dental implant and a porcelain crown that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. For Keith, this was a reality that left him feeling self-conscious beyond words. He confessed that social situations became a source of anxiety, his right hand perpetually covering his mouth whenever he felt compelled to smile. It was as if his hand had become an integral part of his smile, a habit he couldn't shake.

When Keith came to us, we meticulously assessed his situation and noticed that the implant crown extended far too high up the gum line, exacerbating the problem with its bulky porcelain. We had a hunch and decided to put it to the test. By replacing the permanent crown with a custom temporary one, we could gauge where his gum line would settle with a correctly shaped restoration.

Our theory proved spot on! Keith's gum line did indeed descend to a more aesthetically pleasing position, but it still wasn't quite where we envisioned it. To achieve the perfect balance, we performed a minor laser gum retouching on the neighboring teeth, evening out his gum line for a seamless, natural look.

With the groundwork laid, we knew we were primed for success. We replaced the implant crown and added five porcelain veneers, giving Keith the smile he had always dreamed of while closing the noticeable gap that had bothered him for so long. The transformation was remarkable, and Keith couldn't stop beaming.

Now, the only challenge that remains for Keith is unlearning the instinctive hand movement that once concealed his smile. With his newfound confidence and a grin that lights up the room, we have no doubt that he'll master it in no time.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, hiding your smile behind your hand and longing for a change, know that you're not alone. Our team is here to help you rediscover your confidence and fall in love with your smile again. With a keen eye for detail, a wealth of experience, and a passion for creating stunning smiles, we'll work tirelessly to give you the grin you deserve. So, take that first step towards transforming your smile – and your life – and let us help you unleash your true potential, one brilliant smile at a time!

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