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Peter received a smile makeover from Dr. Tabib for a unique purpose, offering his smile as a sort of blank canvas for Tabib to work his magic. Peter did not have a history of disliking or feeling self-conscious about his smile but rather thought of it as normal. Regular. He really hadn’t given it much thought.

As the owner of an agency that does web and marketing projects with Mello and Tabib, Peter had a creative, non-dental relationship with the dynamic duo. As he came to know them and collaborate with them, he could see that they approach patient’s mouths as evolving works. He began to observe that Dr. Tabib’s work distilled down to a creative vision not unlike his own.

So, when Dr. Tabib suggested to Pete one day that he may be able to help him achieve a better smile, he took him up on it with no reservations. He decided he would surrender to Tabib’s creative process and simply let him work his magic. Believe it or not, they didn’t even discuss what procedures he’d do. Pete just showed up and sat in the chair, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time, wholly trusting the process over about two and a half months. He could see that Tabib had a vision. He could see the dentist’s dedication to his outcome, which Pete describes as a very powerful experience.

Like so many cosmetic dentistry patients, Peter had a history of clenching and grinding, or bruxism, which had caused his teeth to shift. So, even though he’d had Invisalign, teeth were now pointing in different directions, and the spaces between the teeth had increased. Also due to bruxism,
Peter had some attrition (teeth wearing down) and enamel loss.

Peter’s Story

The very first thing Dr. Tabib did was to set Peter up with regular Botox treatments, every three months. This would help him stop grinding his teeth. Next, they added porcelain to the back teeth in order to create space for veneers in the front. And finally, that million-dollar smile! They placed veneers on Pete’s front teeth to elongate them, improve their shape, and make them whiter and brighter. Although Peter never realized it, prior to the veneers, his front teeth did not make an appearance when he smiled. Now they’re front and center! People have begun to notice and comment on his great smile, a brand-new experience for him. Peter has found it to be a deeply meaningful process, placing himself in the artist’s hands and trusting what Dr. Tabib envisioned—the shade, the color, how it’s changed his face, and changed his experience of life in some ways. “It felt good to allow someone to explore their process for my outcome…it’s just a beautiful experience to have.” He is happy to have allowed himself that experience, reflecting that an earlier version of Peter Senn-Yuen may not have been capable of that kind of trust. As for others who may be considering this type of work for themselves and wondering who they can trust to do it, Pete sincerely recommends Mello and Tabib for a “beautiful outcome.”

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