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- Cherri -






What do you do when you want something badly, but don’t know how to make it happen?  You do your research! That’s how Cherri began the journey that ended happily in our office. Cherri had severe staining from an antibiotic (tetracycline) that had not responded to bleaching.  She had also previously found a few local cosmetic dentists in Ohio, but was never comfortable with any of them, and did not feel the results would achieve the results she hoped for.  Antibiotic stains are difficult to correct because the wrong procedures can result in extreme opacity in the treated teeth. We were sure we could help Cherri because of our substantial experience with tetracycline staining and, when we showed her photos of the many patients we had helped who had had similar problems, Cherri was confident she had found the right place for treatment.  We prescribed 20 veneers for Cherri’s upper and lower arch, and were able to coordinate her visits requiring a series of flights to and from Ohio) to complement her busy schedule as a nurse-anaesthetist.  During her post-treatment photoshoot, we showed her the before-treatment image of her original smile.  Tears began pouring down her face and–for a moment–we thought perhaps she was regretting her decision. But, as she explained through her tears, until she met us, no one had ever given her the confidence to choose this treatment before. We had taken the journey together, and, at its happy ending, Cherri had no regrets whatsoever.


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