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Angel knew what he wanted: he came with the desire to get started immediately! He had done his research and was convinced that we were the dentists that could create his long-desired outcome. Angel’s front two teeth had been extracted previously and replaced with a bridge that was anchored to his two adjacent teeth. Angel had endured his original, unsightly bridge for over 15 years, and now wanted it replaced –full speed ahead –with a new prosthesis that was an enhancement, cosmetically and functionally. Dental implants have improved through the years, and provide a far more improved aesthetic and functional result than previously. There are basically three ways to attach a missing tooth: 1. Trim down and prepare the teeth adjacent to the one that is missing tooth and anchor a custom-fitted bridging device that is permanently cemented or bonded to the trimmed-down teeth; 2. Fabricate a removable appliance with a replacement tooth attached to it. 3. Anchor a dental implant to the bone that originally housed the missing tooth. In the past, Angel’s two front teeth had been replaced using the first option, by trimming the teeth next to the missing ones and anchoring a cemented-in bridge. Not the most aesthetic option, nor optimally functional, and also very difficult to keep clean. Not aesthetic because replacement teeth are connected to each other and look it; the teeth appear to lack the separation of natural teeth, as if they are all one, running into each other. Not functional because the anchoring teeth are taking so much more pressure from biting forces.  Not cleansable, since there is no way to floss.  There is also potential for internal leakage within the bridge and infection and decay of the anchoring teeth. For Angel, we were able to successfully anchor two dental implants to replace his missing teeth, with porcelain crowns attached to them, and also placed two additional porcelain crowns on teeth that were previously anchoring a bridge. Finally, we added two porcelain veneers on the eye teeth as well to complete his cosmetic outcome, providing him with a harmonious and entirely natural-looking result.


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