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For a svelte and savvy former runway model in Germany, Elizabeth really understood how important first impressions and appearances were to her career. But, along with the glamour of her profession, there was always stress, and Elizabeth had begun grinding her teeth in response to it.She noticed that they were getting shorter and shorter, and eventually — when friends and family noticed as well — the progressive changes became a problem she wished to solve. Her general dentist, who performed routine dental work told her she needed fillings replaced and would require new crowns. But, deep down, she knew that more extensive repair was necessary. In a young patient, this level of tooth loss as a result of grinding may require aggressive treatment — in their best interest — to reach the best outcome.  After discussing the options, we agreed to a full-mouth reconstruction: every tooth in her mouth needed to be restored with full-coverage porcelain crowns to provide a new biting surface, and to give Elizabeth a flawless, natural look that would complete her runway look. Her treatment took five months to complete, and also gave Elizabeth an appreciation of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She is thrilled with her appearance, and has begun exercising on a regular basis. She even took up biking, and used her trips to our office during her treatment to enjoy her new exercise!


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