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Before Adam had his smile makeover at NYC Smile Design, he experienced a lack of confidence because of his teeth. When speaking to other people, Adam would try to keep his mouth closed as much as possible to hide his them, and he rarely smiled. He felt shy, especially around new people, and didn’t show his true personality, which is friendly and open. Dr. Tabib and Adam worked together to develop the best plan for his oral health. “The way he explains things, it is so easy and clear,” said Adam. “He promised me a beautiful smile, and he delivered on his promise.” With Dr. Tabib’s guidance, Adam chose to use Invisalign to straighten his teeth. He was pleasantly surprised at how quickly his teeth aligned and how easy the process was. “I didn’t really feel like I had them on. It just fit like a glove.” Dr. Tabib created a unique treatment plan for Adam that mapped out exactly how his teeth would move over time. Invisalign clear aligners are usually less painful than traditional metal and wire braces. Some patients feel no discomfort at all! This is because they are designed to apply precisely the right amount of force to the teeth at the perfect time, based on the overall plan. Another benefit of Invisalign for someone like Adam, who already felt anxious about his smile, is that the aligners are virtually invisible. Unless you choose to tell them, most people will be unaware that you’re wearing Invisalign. The aligners can also be removed discreetly before meals, so you can enjoy eating as you usually would.

Adam’s Story

Once Adam’s teeth were straightened with the clear aligners, it became apparent that one of his front teeth, which had decayed severely, needed to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. Dental implants maintain the integrity of the bone structure after tooth loss and preserve the health of adjacent teeth since there is no need for bridgework. This made Adam the perfect candidate for an implant since he only needed one tooth removed. Next, we added porcelain veneers to brighten his smile and some gum recontouring. Finally, any dull or discolored teeth were whitened so that all of his teeth matched in color.

Is Adam happy with his results? Just watch the video! Our favorite part is when we ask Adam how he feels about the dental work he had done in our office. He absolutely lights up and says, “I’m so happy! And I smile a lot.” Smiling is such a fundamental human expression. We smile to connect and communicate with others. When someone feels that they can’t smile or speak freely, psychological effects such as feeling anxious, shy, and insecure are common. It’s wonderful to see Adam so happy and confident about his smile now. In his words — “It has changed my life totally.”


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