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Kimberly was disappointed with the treatment she had done on her front 4 teeth.  Two crowns had been placed on the front center teeth and 2 porcelain veneers directly adjacent to them. The porcelain did not look real and the gum line was uneven.  In addition to the unfavorable aesthetics, she had a major functional problem causing infection in the area.  Kimberly had even noticed that they gave a bad odor.  She was distressed that no Dentist seemed to find anything wrong with them despite the problems she was experiencing.  After careful review of her medical and dental history we were able to discover the source.  One of Kimberly’s front 2 teeth had an anatomical variation of a normal root surface.  Part of the root was very bumpy and rough making it difficult to clean and causing localized infection. It also made it difficult to place a properly fitting crown. This was caused by a baby tooth root that had embedded into the permanent root after an accident many years prior.  Our plan for Kimberly included: 1st- to correct this root problem; 2nd-correct the gum line on the 2 teeth adjacent to the front 2 since the gum levels were too low;  3rd- place 2 anatomically correct temporary crowns on the front teeth while the infection was resolving.  Our 4th step involved bleaching and placing a combination of veneers and crowns on the front 4 teeth.  Although this cosmetic work was quite involved the results will be long lasting.

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