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It’s something of a detective story: Porcelain crowns are meant to last; If they keep coming off and have to be rebonded constantly, there’s a problem that needs investigating. Errol realized that his two front crowns needed rebonding more and more frequently. By the time he came to see us, he was quite upset. During a thorough checkup, we indeed discovered that his two front crowns were only part of the problem –Errol also had many deteriorating restorations, and gum disease that had been left undiagnosed. Because chronic inflammatory conditions in the body, such as gum disease,have serious long-term systemic consequences, they must not, under any circumstances,be left untreated. Fortunately for Errol, and under the care of Dr. David Weinstein, our gum and implant specialist, we were able to intervene and create a healthy oral environment,free of disease, although Errol’s two front teeth were simply too far gone to be saved, Dr. Weinstein was able to successfully replace them with dental implants. Then, once we knew that Errol’s gum condition was under control and free of inflammation, our plan for him was to complete a full-mouth reconstruction. This meant replacing all Errol’s existing restorations with porcelain crowns and veneers. Full-mouth restorations normally take a long time to complete because — for the best outcome — it’s important to test out the new bite relationships and aesthetics with a set of custom-made temporary crowns that are durable and hygienic, as well as cosmetically superior and comfortable for the patient. Errol’s treatment was completed in about eight months,and the results were well worth the time and care. Case solved!

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