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Singers are expected not only to sing beautifully, but to smile radiantly while they are doing it. As a singer Elaine was very self-conscience about her teeth because, although she had a radiant smile, she never felt comfortable displaying it–especially during performances. Unfortunately, Elaine had never enjoyed having the full-sized adult teeth we all take for granted when we reach maturity; her baby teeth had remained firmly in place for two of her upper teeth and showed no signs of making way for the teeth she assumed she would have as grownup. Although some people can live well into adulthood with their baby teeth without any further issues, Elaine’s two upper baby teeth were still healthy and strong, but were showing signs of break down to the point where cosmetic issues outweighed their everyday function. At first, Elaine did the usual, covering her mouth with her hand when she spoke, or smiling in a way that would not reveal her teeth. But with her career becoming increasingly important, she knew something had to be done to improve the situation, and began seriously researching the best solution. As with many of our patients, it did not start out well: she had felt insulted during her most recent consult and had been told, in the bargain, that nothing could be done. She subsequently came to see us hoping that the previous dentist had been wrong in his assessment. We examined Elaine’s teeth carefully and had an extensive discussion with her about what she felt would be the best course to take. There were certainly things that could be done to help her achieve her goals. The plan we devised for her was as follows: first, cosmetic recontouring of her upper front two teeth. While these teeth had a beautiful shape, they were too long for her face, so we decided to reshape these teeth only. Second, we recontoured here gum line to create harmony and balance in the smile line. Third, we veneered six teeth — three on either side of the front two teeth. The results were adult-sized, beautifully shaped, and offered an even more radiant smile than Elaine’s original baby teeth could provide. What may have seemed only a dream for her had suddenly become a reality. A reality that was confirmed by her tears when we handed her a mirror and she could see her new smile for the first time

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