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Don’t Forget Routine Dental Care

February 18, 2021

Life changes things. Routines. Work schedules. When and where we go places. More. For many, it also pushed routine dental visits well past the six months recommended by the ADA. If you had an appointment canceled due to your busy schedule, now is the best time to call our office and reschedule. If, on the other hand, you simply haven’t made an appointment for a cleaning and examination in the past year, now the best time to call our office to schedule your next visit. This cannot be emphasized enough: routine dental care is essential for a healthy and attractive smile.

Preventive dental care is the foundation of a strong and healthy smile. While this includes things like daily brushing and flossing, it also includes biannual cleanings and examinations, which enable us to check for early warning signs of gum disease, tooth infection, carries, and cancer, allowing us to address oral health issues before they become serious problems.

Biannual visits also give us the opportunity to polish tooth enamel, remove surface stains, and check for issues like TMJ that can impact future comfort, helping to ensure your smile is strong, attractive, and comfortable year round.

During your routine visits, we can answer any questions you have about your home routine, provide personalized recommendations, and help you optimize your daily care. We can also discuss any concerns you have, provide you with information about relevant services, and help you choose the best way to obtain the smile of your dreams.

Nervous? No Worries.

We understand that some patients avoid the dentist out of fear, anxiety, or general discomfort. We are pleased to offer safe and gentle sedation for patients who dislike the idea of visiting the dentist for any reason. During your initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss our sedation dentistry options and to help you determine if this service is a good fit for your needs.

Are you ready to learn more? Please call NYC Smile Design at 212-452-3344 or visit our website to schedule your appointment today. We welcome women and men from New York City and all surrounding areas of Connecticut and New Jersey.




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