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NYC Sedation Dentist | Safe & Effective Sedation Dentistry

November 28th, 2017 | 2 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way for men and women struggling with dental phobia to get the treatments they need for a healthy smile without nervousness or anxiety. If you feel anxious prior to dental appointments or if your nervousness about routine dental care prohibits you from seeking professional services, please call NYC Smile Design at 212-452-3344 to schedule a consultation and learn about our sedation dentistry options.

Beyond Dental Phobia

New York City Sedation DentistDental phobia is a serious issue and one that can easily be addressed through the safe and effective sedation dentistry options available at our Manhattan office. With both nitrous oxide and conscious oral sedation options, Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib can match your needs with the appropriate type of sedation to help you achieve optimal comfort before, during, and after your treatment. Learning which option is best for your needs is easily accomplished through a one-on-one consultation. Give us a call to schedule yours today.

In addition to dental phobia, sedation dentistry is a perfect solution for people who:

  • Have an overactive gag-reflex
  • Do not respond well to topical numbing agents
  • Require a longer or more involved procedure
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Are suffering from TMJ

You may also be a good candidate for sedation dentistry if you have RLS, a difficulty sitting down for extended periods of time, or simply dislike the sights, smells and sounds of medical offices. During your initial consultation with one of our NYC sedation dentists, we can review your concerns, discuss your options, and help you choose the level of sedation most suitable for your needs.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

The sedation options offered at our Manhattan cosmetic dentistry office are safe for use on most patients. Your medical history will dictate your candidacy for sedation, but the types we offer are largely considered safe for a majority of the population.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is administered in carefully measured doses to ensure just the right amount of sedation throughout a procedure. This option wears off quickly and can be used by patients who are driving themselves to and from their appointment.

Oral conscious sedation uses trusted and time-tested medications to promote a sense of relaxation and calm. These medications may have lingering effects, making it a good idea for patients to arrange for transportation to and from their appointment. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with information on what to expect from your sedation choice.

While there are some very minor risks involved with any type of sedation, these are overshadowed by the enormous oral and systemic health problems that can come from poor dental health. Avoidable diseases and infections of the teeth and gums are linked to hypertension, heart failure, kidney and liver failure, dementia, and a host of other life-threatening problems. Routine checkups and proper daily care are the best defense against these oral-health-related problems.

If fear of discomfort is preventing you from seeking dental care, call us at 212-452-3344 to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation today. Dr. Rmain Tabib and Dr. Elisa Mello serve nervous patients living in and around Manhattan.