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Wait...There's a National Flossing Day?!

November 17th, 2021 | 2 min read

By NYC Smile Design

November 26th is National Flossing Day. You read that right, National Flossing Day. And while a day dedicated to the habit of flossing may seem silly, it’s actually quite important. In fact, the only nationally representative analysis to determine Americans’ flossing habits found that a mere 30% of the population perform the task daily, while just over 32% of people report not flossing at all.

Why Floss?

Flossing is one of the surest ways to remove debris and plaque from in between the teeth. These are things that even the most advanced toothbrushes and inventive brush heads cannot touch and, when left in place, they increase risks for several oral health problems, including tooth infection and gum disease.

Plaque takes around 48 hours to harden into tartar and can become very difficult to remove when left in place for longer periods. Flossing daily helps to remove plaque from hard-to-reach spaces before it has a chance to harden, reducing the risk of developing decay, infection, and even halitosis. Removing plaque before it hardens also helps to reduce the amount of time we need to spend scraping your teeth during routine dental visits.

When Should I Floss?

Flossing should be done before you brush your teeth at least once each day. Studies have found that flossing before your brush helps to remove a greater amount of particles and plaque, helping to keep the teeth and gums healthier. Some people choose to floss in the morning before they brush. Others find flossing before bed to be more suitable. The time of day is not important. That you floss is. Taking time to perform the task at least once a day can have a profound impact on your oral health.

There are several options available, including floss picks and water flossers, that can help make the task easier. During your next visit, we can discuss the various options, assess the spacing of your teeth, and help you choose which one is best for your needs.


Your Flossing Journey

In conclusion, as we mark National Flossing Day, we’re reminded of the importance of comprehensive oral care in maintaining a healthy, confident smile. At NYC Smile Design, our commitment to providing personalized, cutting-edge dental services in a luxury, stress-free environment is unwavering. Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib, with their expertise, are dedicated to ensuring that every client’s smile makeover journey is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

We warmly invite you to join our community. To learn more about our services or to schedule your next appointment, we encourage you to connect with us. Our team is ready to assist you in every step of your dental health journey. You can reach our Manhattan office at 212-452-3344, or for more convenience, visit our website. Serving the heart of New York City and its surrounding areas, we’re here to transform your dental experience into one that’s truly exceptional.