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Crooked and painful; Cristina’s smile story.

February 9th, 2017 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

When Cristina noticed how much she refrained from smiling on a daily basis – because her smile was not only crooked, but also literally painful for her – she knew it was time to get it fixed. 

A few caps or crowns here and there didn’t quite do the trick. She spent a long time searching for the right kind of dentist who could help her and her unique issue of an asymmetrical smile.

When she discovered Dr. Tabib, she realized she had found someone she could trust. Someone who cared about not only the aesthetics of his work, but about the people he worked with. 

The process he took her through involved a complete readjustment of her jaw with the use of orthotics, which got to the underlying cause of why her teeth had gotten so uneven. 

The result? 

A bright, even smile that Cristina is proud to share with the world, and that will last her for the rest of her life. The impact this has had on her career, relationships, and self-image is massive. 

 This process of getting to the root of the issue really mirrors the overall vibe of Tabib and his staff: 
They are not afraid to go deep in their work, AND in their understanding and compassion for their patients.

Are you ready to design your smile from the inside out?