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NYC Cosmetic Dentist | Smile Makeover Manhattan

September 7th, 2017 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Every moment of every day is filled with choices. What you choose plays the most direct role in what you experience. What you experience informs what you choose next. It can be a tough pill to swallow, but nearly all of this is entirely within your control. Of course, external factors have to be taken into account as well – but at the core, at the very root of your life experience, your choices have the biggest impact. This is both a tremendous responsibility and an opportunity for liberation. You get to choose how to work with it.

How do you choose to greet the world? With a smile that shows your confidence or with one hidden behind pursed lips, obscuring teeth too unattractive to instill any level of self-assurance? This choice impacts how others view you and can influence job prospects, social interactions, and even meeting potential partners. 

Cosmetic imperfections can have a negative impact on your smile. So too can untreated oral health issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and missing teeth. At the New York City office of Dr. Ramin Tabib and Dr. Elisa Mello, we offer services designed to treat all of the functional and aesthetic problems that can impact the health, beauty, and strength of your smile. We welcome an opportunity to meet with you, discuss your needs, review our services, and help you better understand your options. The choice of what to do with your smile is yours. We’re here to provide you with a selection of services that can help make that choice easier.

Dr. Tabib and Dr. Mello have chosen to combine science with artistry in their efforts to improve the health and happiness of our patients. We have incorporated advanced dental technology into our practice, enabling us to safeguard the comfort of our patients while providing the most effective and long-lasting treatments. We combine this technology with unwavering attention paid to every procedure we perform and a complete commitment to creating smiles as beautiful as they are strong. We choose to be thoughtful, effective, and precise in our work. We choose to offer the safest and most effective treatments. We choose to offer each patient the same level of service and care that we would expect were roles reversed. Now the choice is yours: What direction will you go when selecting the dental team most suitable for all of your needs?

Are you looking for the best way to enhance your smile? Give us a call at 212-452-3344 to schedule a consultation and learn how our Manhattan cosmetic dentists can help.