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What to do when you lose your teeth before the Emmys?

January 3rd, 2017 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Of all things that could happen before that big important event…
…the wedding, the vacation to Hawaii, going to the Emmys.

Getting hit by a truck.

Thankfully surviving but smashing your teeth.
Wanting to still show up for that special event but knowing you can’t smile — because you no longer have all the pearly whites in a pretty row.

This is exactly what happened to Diane Neal just days before the Emmys.

Fresh out of her concussion with nothing to lose but more teeth, she called up Mello & Tabib at NYC Smile Design.

The outcome?

She got the perfect set of temporary teeth so that she could still walk the red carpet with confidence, and later would get the real set that still are there and sparkling 10 years later.

Not only that, but she’s found in Dr. Tabib someone she can trust, someone who provided way more than a dental procedure, someone who she still is friends with over a decade post-procedure.

In her own words, “Tabib is an artist.”

She even claims he’s more of an artist than she is as an actress, but we’ll leave that up to interpretation for you 😉

Isn’t it awesome when unforeseen circumstances creates amazing friendships and memorable smiles?