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Options to Finance Expensive Dental Care

March 10, 2020

Dental care can be extremely expensive. Whether an unplanned dental emergency or a planned smile makeover, figuring out how to finance your procedure can prove challenging. Dental benefits offered through insurance will often pay for at least a portion of your care – but most coverage will not pay for services deemed cosmetic or “unnecessary” by your plan provider. This leaves covering the cost of many dental treatments up to the patient.

Do Dentists Let You Pay in Installments?

Installment payments are sometimes available through dental offices. This option allows you to pay off your dental care over the course of several months, typically with a fixed monthly payment. If you are going this route, be sure to check all terms and conditions to safeguard against excessive and unexpected fees.

Not all dentists maintain their own lending and financing departments, but many work with outside lenders like CareCredit® or Springstone Patient Financing to ensure patients can get access to the services they need. These programs offer competitive rates along with promotions such as 0% APR or low fixed monthly payments that can help make even the most expensive dental care accessible to all.

Flexible Spending Plans

Another option for financing expensive dental care is using your flexible spending account or healthcare spending account (FSA/HSA) before it expires. While cosmetic treatments like dental veneers are not typically covered, general and restorative services with cosmetic benefits are. Porcelain crowns, dental bonding, and other services with both functional and cosmetic value are often fully covered by these plans. Talk to your plan administrator to learn which treatments would be covered under your specific agreement.

Cash & Credit Cards

We accept cash, wire transfers, and all major credit cards at our Manhattan office. These options allow you to choose when and how to pay for your dental care, but are not suitable for every need. During your initial consultation, we can discuss all available payment options and help you choose which one might best meet your needs.

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