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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Up Close and Personal with Samantha

July 20th, 2011 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Did you know that smiles not only make you feel good, but they’re also good for you? Here are some of the reasons: When someone smiles, their face just lights up. And when you see someone with a genuine, truly heartfelt smile, you are attracted to it and relaxed by it; in fact, studies have shown it actually lowers your blood pressure if you’re tense. Samantha had one of those wonderful smiles–the kind that makes people feel good as soon as they see it. Yet even though her smile was from the heart, Samantha often covered it with her hand, or expressed it only partially, keeping her lips together so that her teeth remained hidden. The result: people considered her to be a bit tense, or standoffish. It had finally affected her confidence—a real problem for someone who was developing her career as an actress. Behind her closed lips, right in the corner of Samantha’s critical smile zone, lay a baby tooth that had never come out. It was much smaller than the rest of her teeth and looked completely out of place. An earlier attempt by her dentist to place a veneer on the baby tooth had not been successful. Our plan for Samantha was to first correct the gum position on the baby tooth inorder to extend its length, so that we could place a new veneer that would give it the adult proportions that would match the rest of her teeth, in addition we placed five more perfectly shaped and harmoniously aligned teeth in her critical smile zone. Samantha was a quick study: with no need to conceal her smile or her radiant personality, she regained her confidence and is moving ahead at center stagewith her career plan.

Before After