Caring for Your New Porcelain Veneers

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Caring for porcelain veneers

Your dental hygiene routine should remain largely unchanged after you receive porcelain veneers. Brushing and flossing as normal are required. You can floss around a tooth with a porcelain veneer just as you did before. Although the veneer itself cannot decay, all of the surrounding natural tooth can, so you must continue to care for your teeth to avoid problems. Brushing as you normally do should not damage or scratch the veneers.

The porcelain veneers used by our experienced cosmetic dentists are exceptionally strong and durable; however, you should exercise a little caution in order to avoid chipping or breaking your veneers:

  • Don't chew on ice, pen tips or other hard objects
  • Use a mouth guard if you play contact sports

These two rules apply for your natural enamel as well. Trauma to the mouth can damage your veneers and your teeth.

In the simplest terms, you should continue to practice great dental hygiene after receiving porcelain veneers: Brush, floss and visit our dentists for your routine cleaning and checkups.

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