Foods and Beverages That Stain Your Teeth

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Beverages that stain your teethJust about everyone wants a bright white smile. Teeth whitening erases stains so that you can feel more confident every time you smile. As for preventing stains in the first place, some snacks and drinks are worse than others when it comes to discoloration:

  • Black coffee. A splash of dairy milk or cream mitigates the staining power of coffee.
  • Tea. Tannins in green and black tea stain your enamel. Like coffee, you can add a splash of milk or cream. Green and white teas have less staining power than darker-colored teas.
  • Wine. Red, white and rose are all capable of yellowing your teeth, although red tends to be the worst offender because of its deep hue. Swishing water around in your mouth can combat wine stains.
  • Blueberries. The dark pigments of blueberries can stain your teeth, but these powerhouse berries contain healthy antioxidants and vitamins, so we don't recommend cutting them out of your diet. Instead, swish your mouth with water after you've enjoyed blueberries. Swishing will rinse away much of the stain-causing debris.
  • Soy sauce and tomato sauce. Like deeply colored beverages, dark sauces can stain your teeth. Unless you're eating soy sauce every day, it's probably fine to enjoy this delightful sauce every once and a while. With tomato sauce, you can combat the stains by eating a salad before your sauce, so that the residue of the greens creates a protective film over your enamel.

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