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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Up Close and Personal with Mary

November 17th, 2010 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

It’s hard to imagine that anyone as accomplished as Mary Spillane — Britain’s top Image Consultant — who radiates confidence and a can-do attitude might need help for her long-time dental problems, but that’s just how we came to meet her. With an MA from Harvard and an MSc from Simmons, Mary founded Colour Me Beautiful (a global fashion/beauty franchise with a network of over 1000 studios); was a partner at Whitehead Mann (an executive search and leadership consultancy), and has an enormously successful career as a high-level coach for executives who benefit from her personal development and branding savvy. Her clients have come from Pfizer, Deloitte, UBS, the Disney Corporation, and dozens of Fortune 500 corporations. Despite her busy schedule, Mary has found time to write seven books–her most recent: Branding Yourself: How to Look, Sound, and Behave Your Way to Success. Yet, even with her cheerful personality and radiant health (she’s an avid cyclist), Mary realized it was high time to attend to her dental problems and bring her oral health into line with her positive lifestyle. Because Mary’s sister had been a patient of ours for a smile makeover; her enthusiasm for the results was exactly the motivation Mary needed to come all the way from London for a consult. Mary’s energy was contagious, and we set to work immediately. We could see that Mary’s teeth had been shortened by years of wear and tear from grinding—reducing the lower third of her face and aging her prematurely. We decided to correct and reestablish her bite with a complete set of veneers and porcelain overlays to regain the optimum height for her teeth, and to replace the sections that had been ground away.

A full-mouth reconstruction requires careful and delicate work, and determining exactly the ideal tooth height from front to back— adding neither too much nor too little to accomplish the optimum line. Finding just the right physiologically balanced jaw position is key to the success of this complex procedure. Once the position is recorded and tested, we can translate the information into temporary components that can be perfected, then duplicated as permanent overlays and porcelain veneers fabricated by our master ceramist. Mary was the ideal patient: her positive attitude and respect for excellence were echoed by our own; we worked in an atmosphere of trust and enthusiasm, and achieved a wonderfully positive outcome. Mary’s dynamic personality is expressed in her new smile, and you can see the results in the videos on  Mary’s Web site: