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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Up Close and Personal with Anjourlie

January 31st, 2011 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Anjourlie knew what she wanted! During her consult she was very specific about her hopes and goals. Her front cap was too big, and she didn’t like her gummy smile. So we knew just what to do. When we plan a gum lift, as cosmetic dentists we need to make sure we respect the anatomy of the teeth as well as the underlying bone structure that supports them. In Anjourlie’’s case we noticed that her gum line never fully receded to reveal the entire length of the tooth hidden beneath it. Basically, about 25% of the actual tooth remained hidden by the gum line. It was like going to the theater and watching a play with the curtains three-quarters of the way up:  you can still see the actors, but you’re still missing some elements of the play that might tell the whole story if they were visible. For Anjourlie we were able to “lift” the curtain” all the way, so that all of her beautiful teeth were completely revealed.  Finally, we had to replace her existing crown so it would match the rest of her teeth. One of the greatest challenges in cosmetic dentistry is in trying to match a single porcelain crown to a row of natural teeth. It has to be a perfect match in both color and texture, or else it will clearly be man-made. After taking one look at her new crown and gum lift, Anjourlie’s first comment was “”Wow I love them!””