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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Rejuvenating Vitamin for Your Teeth

February 18th, 2011 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Did you know that your teeth need extra minerals that help protect them? Normally, your teeth get their minerals from your diet, which is why you are advised to eat foods that are rich in calcium and phosphate. However, without extra supplements, your teeth do not receive enough of the proper vitamins needed to maintain optimum oral health.  For the best oral care, you need to have a well-balanced supplement -which can make a very big difference to your teeth, and to the general health of your mouth.  Otherwise, you will be prone to dental cavities.

It is important to understand what dental cavities are before we can find a solution to combat it. Basically, dental cavities are a disease that causes demineralization of teeth. This is caused by certain types of bacteria in the mouth that love sugar and ferment this sugar to create acid. Normally, your mouths should have a neutral PH; neither too acid nor too basic. If you continue to feed these bacteria with foods and drinks that are high in sugar they will thank you and reward your body by producing lots of acid . These acids will attack the enamel of the tooth and leach out the calcium and phosphates that are important to keep your teeth strong and healthy. This is called demineralization and it will eventually lead to destruction of the enamel and decay of the tooth. Often times, we see this as white spots on the front surfaces of the teeth.

This demineralization process can result from poor diet, and excessive acid producing plaque. Drinking sodas and sports drinks, or fruit juices that have a high sugar-content contribute to this process. Incidentally, diet sodas are just as destructive because of their high acid content. Demineralization can also occur as a result of dry mouth. Numerous prescribed and over-the-counter medications can cause dry mouth and lead to further tooth destruction.