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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Rejuvenate Your Smile

May 18th, 2011 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Americans will spend 38.5 days of their lives brushing their teeth. Reportedly, 94% of Americans brush their teeth everyday as their first line of defense from oral diseases. The most basic and important step in maintaining your oral health is choosing the right toothpaste. Recent studies confirm that over-the-counter toothpastes aren’t effective enough in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. In previous blogs, we have highlighted the dangers of commercial toothpastes. These standard toothpastes contain an outdated decay-fighting ingredient: Fluoride. This ingredient is toxic if swallowed, causes staining of the teeth and has been shown to be ineffective in reversing decay. What if you had toothpaste that required no rinsing and you could swallow?

Enter Rejuva™ Smile: The Safe Alternative.  Committed to finding a better alternative to the commercial toothpaste, we decided to create our own toothpaste.  Rejuva ™ Smile was the result of this search.  This toothpaste is a new cavity fighting technology offering a more effective, safe, natural alternative to conventional commercial toothpaste.  Rejuva ™ probiotic toothpaste promotes a healthy dental and oral environment by combating harmful strains of oral bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.  Rejuva Smile is very family-oriented toothpaste- Because it contains no fluoride; it is safer for you and your children to use.

Cavity-causing bacteria have traditionally been eradicated by indiscriminately destroying all oral bacteria. Of course scientists now know that killing “friendly” bacteria leads to an overgrowth of resistant, harmful bacteria- making matters worse!  Experts have long turned to probiotics as a natural, safe alternative.  Probiotics are found in many foods you eat: yogurt, fermented milk, olives, pickles and soy beverages. Swallowing Rejuva™ Smile is completely safe and great for toddler tooth-brushing!

Please don’t hesitate to call 212-452-3344 if you have any questions regarding this particular toothpaste.