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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Patient Deskside: Indrani

September 10th, 2010 | 2 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Indrani Pal-Chadhuri knows the fashion world inside out; born in Calcutta, she had become a top model by the time she was fourteen, and graduated from Princeton with honors and a major in anthropology. She developed her photographic skills working with Markus, and mastered the art of digital post-production in Paris and New York. Although she often shares camera time with Markus, she has moved naturally into pre- and post-direction and art direction of the team’s portfolio. Like GK, Indrani also has a future project of her own: “I’ve always been interested in why people do the things they do – and in studying fashion from that perspective. I’ve been working on a book about imaging – about creating your own image for yourself. Image is so important to having a voice in our society.”

Encouraging people to have a voice in their future is a major commitment for Indrani; she and her father founded the non-profit in India to provide free education for children and women, and she has been active in helping to provide care and support services to children and families with
HIV/AIDS in Africa and the developing world. “Part of Double Exposure will be about the school,” she says, “I’m into finding meaning, and ways to use what we do to help others.”

Smile Makeover Process:

Indrani knew she couldn’t postpone the makeover she’d always desired any longer. Filming was about to begin, and scheduling was further complicated because she had multiple issues that had to be addressed. So our complex plan for her began with a laser gum lift. Then we completely rebuilt all of her upper teeth and her lower back teeth with porcelain veneers and overlays, creating a properly physiologically balanced jaw position. The results were as stunning and beautiful as her luminous personality, and we were able to complete everything within her tight deadline.

I had never really been happy with my smile from certain angles. I knew how to compensate for it
in still photos, but a moving camera doesn’t permit you to have your face turned all the time. I knew
I could focus on the work at hand if I wasn’t trying to hide something about myself. I’m also the one who does post-production on our images, so I’ve become more aware of tiny imperfections. But I wasn’t sure what needed to be done. The doctors were really amazing in figuring out exactly what was wrong with me. And they figured out how to fix it in a short time. My bite was crooked, creating headaches. Part of what they did was to correct my alignment, widen my arch, so I could smile in any direction and feel confident about it. I’m very critical, hyper with details. But they were inspiring! They’re lovely people! I feel lucky to have been able to work with such great artists, and grateful for their expertise and attention to detail. It had a very positive effect on my self-esteem and allowed me to open up and relax in front of the camera –to concentrate on my own creative work.