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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Not Your Typical Dental Visit

October 12th, 2011 | 2 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Dentistry has come such a long way, even over the last few years, making procedures quicker, less painful, and more effective than ever before.  However, understandably, going to the dentist may still be a stressful experience for you. Imagine you have moved into a new city looking to establish yourself with a new dentist or maybe you have outgrown your regular dentist and are looking for a dentist who better suits your needs, what should you expect from this dentist?

The first step in establishing a relationship with a dentist is book for a consultation where you get to meet the doctors, the team and some time is set aside for you to talk to your dentist.  Your initial consultation is specifically designed for you to discuss your smile makeover needs and overall dental health goals. One of the first things that you would need would be a full dental exam including a full medical history. This helps your dentist assess the full range of your dental problems. It is true that the majority of the work would be performed in the mouth, but the health of your body contributes to the nature of your oral health. To this interest, your dentist would be able to ascertain to what is contributing to your problems. For example there are some medications or conditions that may affect the way your teeth react to treatment, so it’s essential for your dentist to know what’s going on with your body.  Another example is that women who are pregnant would be much more susceptible to gum disease, and those who have arthritis, or have severe bleeding in their mouth have a harder time maintaining optimal oral health. Also, variants like bacteria that might be in your mouths will affect those who are suffering from the mouth can affect the heart of someone who suffers from heart disease. Bottom line, your dentist needs to know what is going on with your overall health, before determining how to maintain your oral health.

A well-trained and well-versed dentist will give you options on how to go about fixing your dental problems.  He/she will be able to help you tailor your treatment in a manner that meets your needs, especially if you if you have phobia, or have concerns on treatment. Once the doctor has a clear understanding about what you want to achieve, recommendations will be made to you including everything you dislike, and determine the procedures necessary for your dental health. It is important that you ask any questions you may have about the treatment and procedures, even if you think it may be irrelevant or silly. It is important that you are clear and understand everything about the anticipated treatment so that you can make the right decision for yourself to avoid any miscommunications later.  The best way to move forward with any dentist is to become an informed patient. Do not be afraid to ask your dentist questions. When you leave your dentist’ office, you should fully understand the problems presented to you, your options, and the approximate cost of each of the options given. Also know that it is your right to get a second opinion if you so desire, and are unsure of the options given to you by your dentist.