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NYC Smile Design - BLOG - Bleach Your Teeth for Healthier Gums and Teeth

October 25th, 2010 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

In the last couple of months, the doctors at NYC Smile Design have been featured in several magazines highlighting the best techniques for teeth whitening. One of these techniques is tray bleaching.  One of the many benefits of this method of whitening is tat it is easy to use and mostly an inexpensive way of having a beautiful radiant smile. There is another benefit to tray bleaching as a recent study discovered. Whitening teeth by means of tray bleaching has shown potential of improving oral health of the elderly and those patients with special needs.

Normal oral hygiene practices, like flossing and brushing, are a very difficult or nearly impossible for the two groups mentioned above. The lack of regular brushing and flossing, plaque accumulates; there are cavities and possibly periodontal disease. The answer to these problems, according to the research study by the Medical College of Georgia and Western University, is found in Carbamide Peroxide. This agent that had been historically used as an oral antiseptic is an ingredient found in teeth whiteners.

The trays that hold the bleaching gel are the secret to making this process work. After examining the patient, the dentist will create a custom-fit tray for the carbomide peroxide gel that can be easily worn during the day or night. Potentially, this practice results to clean and improved health for the gums.