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Americans Are Deficient in Nutrients, Not Fluoride

May 1, 2011

Healthy teeth require proper nutrients, NOT FLUORIDE!

I think as a nation we are addicted to correcting nutrition deficiency problems by remedying it with a chemical or pharmaceutical drug. Studies have proved that ingesting fluoride has no benefit in decay prevention. However, topical application of fluoride such as toothpastes has some cavity prevention benefits. Fluoride is a well-documented poison and unfortunately when fluoride was introduced into the drinking water supply, there was no long-term studies conducted to demonstrate the safety of consuming daily, low-levels of fluoride. Fluoride is a cumulative poison which builds up in bones and teeth. Fluorosis is a condition where fluoride accumulates in bones and teeth during development. It will appear as white spots or mottled and pitted brown spots on teeth. This gradual accumulation of fluoride will affect bone health and increase incidence of hip-fractures.

Here are the facts:

1.       Fluoride is Cancer causing

2.       Hip Fractures are higher in fluoridated communities

3.       Large scale studies on fluoridation and tooth decay show that fluoridation of our water does not reduce cavities.

The best defense against tooth decay is a great diet that includes abundant supply of fruits and vegetables. The sooner we as a population realize that we can control our own health by what we decide to put between our teeth and ingest, the sooner we become a healthy society that does not need to rely on our government to keep us healthy.
Speaking of government, an effort by prominent NYC Councilor Peter Vallone, Jr.  has begun to get rid of water fluoridation in New York City.  Unfortunately, there is a smear campaign started against him by the same people that vehemently defended dioxin, the most toxic chemical unleashed on our society. Why does the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) continue its aggressive support of Fluoride in our water system? Perhaps because they support industries such as the sugar Lobby and companies that produce massive amounts of Fluoride as a pollutant.

Here is another interesting fact, most of Western Europe has not started to put fluoride in their drinking water, and most have discontinued doing it. The same reason why Western Europe does not believe in genetically modified or engineered food or (GMOs).  But that is for a whole different discussion.

Nobel Laureate in medicine and over 3000 scientists have signed petitions to ban fluoride from being placed in our water supply. Below is a video from that presents a powerful indictment.





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