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TMJ Specialist | Manhattan | TMD Treatment NYC

March 14th, 2018 | 2 min read

By NYC Smile Design

TMJ, also known as TMD, is the named given to a handful of disorders that cause the jaw to become misaligned. In some cases, TMJ is a result of trauma. Jaw misalignment may also be caused by developmental irregularities and bite issues, though the cause of TMJ is not always known.

NYC TMJ SpecialistsRegardless of its cause, TMJ can be an incredibly uncomfortable problem. Issues linked to TMJ include:

  • Clicking, popping, or grinding noises in the jaw
  • Pain when opening and shutting the mouth
  • Swelling around the jaw joint
  • Lockjaw

Untreated, TMJ may also result in chronic headaches, persistent pain in the eyes and ears, tinnitus, neck and back pain, and changes to the posture. To avoid these and other TMJ complications, it is best to seek treatment as soon as symptoms present themselves.

Why See a TMJ Specialist?

TMJ is a neuromuscular dental issue. This means that only dentists who have received training in neuromuscular dentistry are qualified to diagnose and treat the disorder. Dr. Elisa Mello and Ramin Tabib have trained, extensively, in this dental specialty and are able to identify and treat TMJ for lasting comfort. If you are currently struggling with any of the issues related to jaw misalignment, we encourage you to call our office right away for a thorough examination.

When you are struggling with a specific dental disorder, it is important that you choose a dentist who is qualified to treat it. Just like you wouldn’t go to a family practitioner to have foot surgery, you shouldn’t choose a standard dentist for neuromuscular treatments.

Without proper training and experience, TMJ can be an incredibly difficult disorder to diagnose and harder still to treat. You deserve the safest, most effective, and most trusted TMJ treatments available today. Selecting a TMJ specialist will help ensure the latest and most effective treatments are made available to improve comfort, restore alignment, and help eliminate your condition.

How is TMJ Treated?

Our New York City TMJ specialists utilize advanced technology to track jaw movement and determine proper jaw placement. Once established, this information allows us to customize a treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your condition so that we can restore proper and lasting alignment to your jaw. This may include:

  • A customized orthotic device
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Veneers, crowns, and bite restoration

The best way to learn which type of treatment will produce the most dramatic results is by working directly with a TMJ specialist.

TMJ will not self-correct. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of this disorder, it is necessary to visit a specialist to ensure proper treatment. If you live in Manhattan or surrounding areas of New York, please call NYC Smile Design at 212-574-4600 to schedule your evaluation today.