Removable Orthodontics

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At NYC Smile Design we use removable appliances to broaden a smile, widen an arch, align crooked teeth and adjust tilted teeth. A benefit of removable orthodontics is that they can be removed when you are in a situation where having braces would make you self-conscious. Another benefit is that because they are removable, cleaning your teeth is easier. The use of these appliances is case-selective and for many situations, this is an excellent option provided your compliance is excellent.

With removable orthodontics, you wear a removable retainer-like appliance that has various springs and attachments on it to create pressure to move the teeth into alignment. There are different appliances that we use to align your teeth into a great smile and/or establish a physiological healthy occlusion or bite. They can be fabricated in a variety of materials, and each is effective in its own way. Some are metal, some are clear acrylic and some are a combination of both.

DNA Appliance 

Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person's natural genes to correct jaw position and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets. This approach  to orthodontic treatment use advances in technology and molecular genetics and is accomplished with the patented, specially designed,  painless DNA appliance. These appliances are worn in the evening and at night, working with inherited genes,  uitilizing what research has shown is your body’s natural ability for self correction through developmental mechanisms encoded in the human genome.. This biomimetic approach corrects and straightens teeth and jaws without the use of surgery ,injections or drugs and can enhance airway space, facial, dental and TMJ health.Dr. Mello has received specific training in Epigenetic Orthodontics and use of the DNA appliance by the inventor of the DNA appliance, Dr.G.Dave Singh DDS

ALF Appliance

ALF stands for Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance. It is a gentle method to align teeth and improve the bite without braces. It is a cosmetic appliance- barely visible and lightweight and does not cross the palate or interfere with speech or proper tongue positioning. It gently  aligns cranial bones to produce orthopedic changes  that support a stable and comfortable musculature-ultimately allowing for accurate mandibular positioning, enhanced airway space and a healthy TMJ. 

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