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Perhaps you would prefer an almost-invisible orthodontic option to correct the alignment of your teeth. If so, you might find ceramic braces the correction of choice. They are as strong as the more traditional braces made of metallic materials, and yet resist staining.

What Sets Ceramic Braces Apart?

Created from composite materials to blend in with the color of your teeth, they are very much less discernible than the metal braces once so common. With ceramic braces, because their structure is “tooth-colored” and the miniature rubber bands that hold the arch wires to the teeth are also tooth-colored or even colorless, once the orthodontics are in place, they are much less noticeable.

Why Ceramic Braces?

Cermaic Braces NYC | Clear Orthodontic TreatmentLike all related orthodontic devices, ceramic braces have multiple benefits:

  • They straighten misaligned teeth
  • Bring imbalanced jaws into correct alignment
  • Raise the level of your oral well-being; without correction, crowded and cooked teeth can be difficult to clean properly, leading to periodontal disease

Additionally, when your teeth and jaws are poorly aligned, the extra effort required to chew your food may strain your muscles and tendons, causing long-term pain.

With such substantial benefits, it is easy (and worthwhile!) to learn and practice effective routine orthodontic cleaning at your home—and it's actually similar to the routine you would use without your orthodontics.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional metal options, making them ideal for students,
professionals, and others who desire a more subtle orthodontic solution. Capable of addressing the same
issues as other types of braces, ceramic options are a good fit for most orthodontic patients.

How Should I Care For My Ceramic Braces?

Taking care of your ceramic braces requires a solid commitment to maintaining peak oral health. Brushing your
teeth after every meal and snack will help to keep your braces clean, and flossing at least once daily
will further assist in this effort. Many patients choose a water-flosser to help ensure maximum benefit
with minimal difficulty.  

Some over-the-counter foam cleaners and putties are also available to clean ceramic braces. We would be happy
to discuss the efficacy of these and all cleaning methods during your next office visit.

In addition to cleaning your braces daily, you will need to avoid crunchy or chewy foods during orthodontic
treatment. This includes sticky candy, nuts and seeds, crunchy fruits and vegetables, and hard bread. We
will help you determine what is and is not safe for your braces during your time in our care and welcome
any questions you have about your favorite foods.  

Will My Ceramic Braces Get Stained?

The parts of ceramic braces are:

  • Brackets. Placed over the top of the teeth, the brackets for ceramic braces are resistant to
    discoloration and should not stain during treatment
  • Archwire. Strung through the brackets, the archwire used to tighten ceramic braces is also stain
    resistant and should not become discolored during treatment
  • Elastic Bands. Used to improve the bite, elastic bands are an essential part of the ceramic braces
    process. However, these can become stained and discolored when exposed to certain foods or

Elastic bands should be changed a few times daily for optimal outcomes. Changing bands frequently also helps
to prevent noticeable discoloration. You can further assist in this effort by drinking dark beverages
through a straw and avoiding products with nicotine.

Are Ceramic Braces Expensive?

Ceramic braces may be slightly more expensive than traditional metal options. However, they are similar in
price to Invisalign® and other clear orthodontic options.

While there may be a slight difference in price between ceramic and metal braces, this minor difference is
often negligible for patients who desire a less obtrusive aesthetic.

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Taking Care of Ceramic Braces

Because bits of food can become lodged in the brackets and wires, be diligent about frequent (and thorough) brushing and flossing, especially after meals, to avoid cavities and the buildup of tartar. Even more important: to keep your ceramic braces from breaking or becoming loose, it's best to give up some foods (think hard and/or sticky) for the duration of your treatment:

  • Candy
  • Tough vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Hard-crusted bread and pizza
  • Bubble gum

Keeping your eye on your goals of straight teeth, pain-free chewing, and---best of all---the strong and all-but-invisible orthodontics that will help you reach them, you may find that ceramic braces are your best choice. For more information and a thorough orthodontic evaluation, call NYC Smile Design at 212-452-3344 or contact us online today.