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Fastest Ways to Improve Your Smile

June 18, 2020

Everyone wants a perfect smile. No one wants to have to undergo a series of lengthy, involved, and invasive treatments to get one, though. Knowing the fastest ways to improve your smile can help save you time and money. It can also help ensure you look and feel your absolute best at all times.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Issues

Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry issues include teeth that are:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken
  • Irregularly sized or shaped
  • Crookedly presented
  • Gapped or spaced
  • Severely discolored

Alone or in combination, these cosmetic imperfections can have a profound impact on your smile. Fortunately, addressing most of these requires only minor commitment and results can often be obtained in just a few office visits.

How to Fix Your Smile

At NYC Smile Design, we offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative services to improve the appearance and functionality of your smile. Among our most versatile and effective treatments are:

  • Topical Teeth Whitening. Applied to the surface of teeth, this service addresses stains that cannot be removed through cleaning
  • Porcelain Veneers. Placed over the front of teeth, dental veneers can correct nearly any cosmetic issue
  • Dental Bonding. Similar in scope to veneers, bonding can be used to improve the size, shape, and strength of the teeth
  • Dental Crowns. Placed on top of teeth impacted by trauma or severe decay, dental crowns can also be used with bridges or implants to replace missing teeth
  • Tooth Reshaping. Enamel recontouring can correct chips, cracks, and tooth size in just one office visit

A Note on Orthodontics

While not as fast as cosmetic services, orthodontics can correct more serious bite and alignment issues. We offer many options for adults and teens, including Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen, ClearCorrect®, tooth-colored braces, lingual braces (behind the teeth), and traditional wire-and-bracket designs. Which option is right for you depends on your exact issues and may be influenced by your age and current oral health.

We also offer AcceleDent®, an orthodontic add-on that can shorten treatment time by several months.

Ready to Learn More?

If you are ready to fix your smile, call NYC Smile Design at 212-452-3344 to schedule your consultation today. Located in Manhattan, we serve all surrounding areas of New York.




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At NYC Smile Design, experienced New York City cosmetic dentists Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib collaborate to provide you with comprehensive dental care and outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Together they founded NYC Smile Design in 1994 and have been dedicated to providing life-changing dentistry ever since.
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