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NYC Smile Design | A Younger Smile

June 27th, 2012 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Have you ever considered plastic surgery to reduce the effects of aging? Does the thought of going under the knife frighten you? Perhaps you’ve considered less invasive forms of plastic surgery, such as Botox or collagen injections, and then realized that they are only temporary fixes that require frequent repetition to maintain results. Today, there’s another option: years ago cosmetic dentistry was never discussed, let alone considered, as an alternative to plastic surgery.  But it has become one of the most highly sought-after treatments that can easily, and within two weeks or less make a dramatic impact in achieving a youthful appearance and reducing wrinkle lines.

If there is something about your smile that bothers you, holding it back can eventually take its toll on your facial features. This might be because your teeth are chipped, spaced or discolored, or because their shape is somehow unattractive and you yearn to have an eye-catching smile. Years of holding back your smile or covering your teeth with your lips to hide it will eventually cause the facial muscles to lose their tonicity. The lower portion of your face will begin to droop, which will completely cover your smile. However this can be markedly improved.

Imagine your confidence if you had the smile you always dreamt about with diminished wrinkle appearance and improved muscle tonicity! Would you still hold back your smile? Or, would you rather then look for any excuse to flash your radiant personality?  Cosmetic dentistry can give you that beautiful, flawless smile. And not only can it improve your smile, but you will feel better about your whole appearance in ways that will truly transform your life.