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Invisalign NYC | Crowded Teeth

January 30th, 2013 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

In a study that was done in the Journal of Angle orthodontist in March of 2010, researchers wanted to determine how people would perceive the role of a smile in attractiveness of the face. So what they did at the University of Michigan was to ask 20 dentists and 20 non-dentists how they would evaluate the faces of 48 females. 

All 48 women had their teeth straightened out with braces. So they had to evaluate the faces with smiling and without a smile before orthodontics and after orthodontics. Here are the results:

1. Both dentists and non-dentists thought the faces of the females were better without smiling before they had their teeth straightened out.
2. Both dentists and non-dentists did not find a difference in the smiling and non-smiling images of the females after their teeth were straightened out. 

Conclusion: Teeth that are crowded and overlapping each other can negatively affect the perception of beauty.