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Enamel Contouring & Tooth Reshaping

At NYC Smile Design, we believe in the power of a beautiful smile. We offer a range of techniques to enhance your smile, with one of the most efficient and impactful being enamel contouring. This minimally invasive procedure is a quick yet effective way to refine the appearance of your teeth, making it a popular choice among our clients.

What Is Involved in Enamel Contouring?

A minimal amount of your tooth is actually involved in the contouring/reshaping that will produce the smile you desire. We are able to smooth out any chipped or cracked surfaces, and round (or square) your tooth’s geometry exactly as needed. In the course of treatment, we can also create improved alignment, along with a more feminine, or more masculine, expression. We adjust only the amount of tooth absolutely required.

Before beginning, we mark your teeth as a definitive guide for the contouring/reshaping process that will eliminate or reduce the imperfections. Working with an adjustment disc or laser, we gradually reshape minute amounts of your surface enamel. Then we finish off with smoothing and polishing discs and brushes. Because the treatment is painless, no anesthesia is needed.

If your teeth are not symmetrical, are overlapped, or have visible cracks and chips, we can reshape (recontour) them in only one session in our office. In the right circumstances, it can produce results similar to those from wearing braces, but in much less time. Its subtle changes are cumulative, combining to produce the beautiful smile you hope for, with no pain or discomfort.

Tailored to Your Smile

Our approach to enamel contouring is highly personalized. We start by marking your teeth to guide the contouring process precisely. Using specialized tools such as adjustment discs or lasers, we gently reshape the enamel. The process concludes with a thorough smoothing and polishing to give your teeth a natural, refined look. This pain-free treatment typically requires no anesthesia, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients.

Ideal Candidates for Enamel Contouring

Enamel contouring is perfect for those looking to correct minor cosmetic dental issues. If your teeth are asymmetrical, slightly overlapped, or have visible cracks and chips, enamel contouring can offer a significant improvement in just one session. While not a substitute for orthodontic treatment, in certain cases, it can provide results akin to braces but in a fraction of the time. The cumulative effect of these subtle changes can dramatically enhance your smile, boosting both its aesthetics and your confidence.

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A Quick, Comfortable Procedure

What sets enamel contouring apart is its simplicity and comfort. Most treatments can be completed in a single visit to our office, making it an excellent option for busy New Yorkers seeking quick yet noticeable improvements to their smiles. Our team at NYC Smile Design is skilled in performing this delicate procedure, ensuring results that are both beautiful and natural-looking.

Schedule a Consultation

To discover how enamel contouring can transform your smile, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our expert team at NYC Smile Design. Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib will assess your needs and discuss how this procedure can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

To find out if tooth reshaping is the right treatment for your needs, please call 212-452-3344 or visit our website. We serve patients in Manhattan and all of the New York City area.

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At NYC Smile Design, experienced New York City cosmetic dentists Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib collaborate to provide you with comprehensive dental care and outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Together they founded NYC Smile Design in 1994 and have been dedicated to providing life-changing dentistry ever since.
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