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Orthodontic treatment addresses malocclusion, any bite imperfection that results in an uneven positioning of the teeth. At NYC Smile Design, Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib help men, women, and teens in Manhattan and beyond find the most effective and comfortable orthodontic solutions. With options including Invisalign®, Tooth-colored braces, and even removable orthodontics, we can help you find a treatment that will restore strength and beauty while helping improve confidence and giving you a strong and healthy-looking smile that you will be proud to show the world.
To schedule an orthodontic consultation at our Manhattan office, please call 212-452-3344 today. Whether you are an adult interested in orthodontia for yourself or for your teen, experienced New York City dentists Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib can help you find an orthodontic treatment that will work for you.

Orthodontic Treatment at NYC Smile Design

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

Undergoing orthodontic treatment to fix a problem that is making you unhappy can be life-changing. After treatment with braces, Invisalign® or instant orthodontics, you are likely to experience the following benefits:

  • Feel more confident
  • Express greater self-assurance
  • Clean your straight teeth more effectively
  • Enjoy a comfortable, well-aligned bite
  • Live without TMJ strain and discomfort
  • Avoid tooth wear, crowding and other problems that can be caused by misalignment

There can be several issues linked to a bad bite and, when left untreated, discomfort, tooth loss, and other oral health issues may prove unavoidable. Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment is one of the surest ways to avoid future bite problems and to enjoy a healthy looking and feeling smile for life.

Not all orthodontic options will be suitable for every need. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn which one is right for you.

Treating Adults and Teens

Today, many orthodontic patients are adults. Perhaps you had braces as a child but your teeth have recently begun shifting, or maybe you’ve never had orthodontic care and feel self-conscious about your teeth. It’s never too late to rejuvenate your smile and to start feeling great about its appearance.

Several of the modern orthodontic treatments provided by our dentists are equally discreet and effective. Options like Invisalign® can reduce the visibility of orthodontic treatment without compromising quality and strength. Even busy professionals can benefit from these unobtrusive treatments and may find improved options and opportunities as their smiles improve. Studies show that people with healthy smiles are more likely to get promoted, be trusted, and find success in the workplace. And with add-ons like AcceleDent, treatment can be completed in a fraction of the time once required for optimally straight teeth.

We also provide orthodontic services for teens. Dr. Mello and Dr. Tabib understand how the mouth and facial bones develop, affecting teeth alignment and how the upper and lower teeth come together. These issues are best addressed during the teen years while jawbone is still malleable and teeth can more easily be moved. We provide customized orthodontic treatments for teenagers, including ceramic braces and Invisalign® Teen, so that your young adult will have a great smile and a healthy, comfortable bite for life.

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To learn more about your orthodontic options in Manhattan and surrounding areas of New York City, please call 212-452-3344 today. Founded by Dr. Mello and Dr. Tabib in 1995, NYC Smile Design is a comprehensive dentistry practice offering advanced treatments for optimal results to patients living in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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At NYC Smile Design, experienced New York City cosmetic dentists Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib collaborate to provide you with comprehensive dental care and outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Together they founded NYC Smile Design in 1994 and have been dedicated to providing life-changing dentistry ever since.
To schedule a consultation, please call us at (212) 452-3344

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