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August 15, 2018

Come out from behind the curtain. Our NYC cosmetic dentists can get your smile Broadway perfectCan the appearance of your smile impact your ability to land an acting gig in NYC? Absolutely yes. Can anything be done to perfect smiles that may not meet the aesthetic standards of New York’s theater goers? Of course, several things can be done. Your transformation starts with a call to NYC Smile Design for a consultation with Dr. Mello or Dr. Tabib.


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August 02, 2018

Lockjaw occurs when muscle spasms cause the jaw to remain tightly closed. Attempts to open the jaw can be extremely painful and even with effort may prove unsuccessful. When lockjaw is a complication of tetanus, it can take weeks or even months for the condition to clear. When it is related to TMJ or another oral health issue, it may continue to occur periodically over the course of your life until you seek proper treatment.

It should be noted that, while tetanus is often considered the primary cause of lockjaw, it is actually less common than jaw stiffness...

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July 20, 2018

Bruxism Treatment in Manhattan​Bruxism is the medical term for tooth grinding. Its causes are not always known, but stress, anxiety, and neuromuscular conditions such as TMJ are all considered factors. Certainly, clenching the teeth due to anxiety or stress does not help the problem, even if the underlying cause is physical.

Traditional treatment for bruxism is a nightguard to be worn while sleeping. These orthotic devices,...

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July 09, 2018

You may have recently seen popular YouTubers and DIY “health experts” demonstrating the amazing tooth whitening power of activated charcoal. The instructions are simple: place activated charcoal on a toothbrush and brush in small circles before rinsing. It works, too. In some instances, teeth can become visibly whiter after just one treatment.

Here’s the rub: activated charcoal is not actually safe for your teeth. In fact, it’s downright unsafe.

What’s Wrong with Activated Charcoal?


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June 11, 2018

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic option that utilizes clear aligners as opposed to metal or plastic brackets and wire. With ClearCorrect, our NYC orthodontists can customize your treatment based on your level of malocclusion, enabling us to perfect your smile in the shortest time possible. To learn more about this service, please give us a call at 212-452-3344 and schedule your consultation today.

What Makes ClearCorrect Special?

ClearCorrect is made of a unique plastic that has been specially designed for strength and durability. Resistant to stains...

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June 01, 2018

June is Men’s Health Month, which may prompt you to hit the gym, take up some group classes, and make healthy changes to your diet. To be sure, these are all good things, all necessary for a long and healthy life. They are not, however, the only issues impacting the health of males.

Oral health issues, particularly gum disease, pose a large risk to men. Men are much more likely to develop gum disease than women and, when not treated, this can result in serious complications including erectile dysfunction,...

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May 22, 2018

If you struggle emotionally or physically during dental appointments, you may be the ideal sedation dentistry candidate. The safe and effective sedation options offered at our Manhattan dental office can help even the most anxious of patients feel calm, comfortable, and at ease before, during, and after their appointment.
The short quiz below is intended to provide some basic information about sedation dentistry and to assist you in determining if the service is a good fit for your needs. However, the only way to truly tell if this service will be useful is through a...

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May 18, 2018

Best Cosmetic Dentistry BlogNYC Smile Design’s blog has been selected as one of the Top 50 Cosmetic Dentistry Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2018. Compiled by Feedspot, this list of cosmetic dentistry blogs was created using social metrics and other factors that help determine a blog’s usefulness and popularity. We are honored to have been placed...

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May 08, 2018

Manhattan Wedding Smile Makeover

Photo-documenting your wedding day allows you and your partner to share the experience with friends and family who were not able to attend, to revisit memories with those who were, and to remember the sights, sounds, and celebrations in private moments with each other. Viewing photos can spark laughter, joy, and the loveliest of sentimentality, even reigniting passion as...

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