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The Smile Makeover Procedure | Manhattan, NYC Smile Design

November 23rd, 2016 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Every smile is unique and a signature of the individual. It’s a physical manifestation of the happiness we feel at any given moment. But if you have dental problems from an accident, poor hygiene, or genetics, you may hide your smile from the world, ashamed of the imperfections in your mouth. At NYC Smile Design, our experienced cosmetic dentists offer smile makeovers that can transform your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.

When you decide on a smile makeover with us, Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib work with you to assess your situation and cater a makeover plan suited just for you. At NYC Smile Design attention to detail is paramount, as we use a meticulous approach to your oral health and aesthetics. The steps to our smile makeovers include:

  • Assessment: Using top-quality digital camera systems, we take a comprehensive series of photos to evaluate your smile, facial features, and color composition and texture of your teeth.
  • Imaging: We then use the images to assess how the changes we propose fit with your facial profile. During this process we encourage the patient to view and give feedback.
  • Waxup: We create accurate imprints of your teeth and determine how your jaw functions. This detailed report is communicated to the ceramist who creates the waxup blueprints and the final restorations that will be used to build your smile.
  • Mock-up: After the restorations are created we bring you in to view our mock-up. During this time we use a tooth-colored material and have the ability to change the shape, length, and spacing of the teeth to make sure fit and placement are correct before application.

smile makeover nyc smile design manhattanBecause everyone is different, we cater the procedure to the individual and encourage patient feedback throughout the process to maximize results.

If you are interested in learning more about how a smile makeover can transform your life, contact us at 212-452-3344 to schedule a consultation. We serve Manhattan and surrounding areas of New York City.