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Smile: The journey of a filmmaker | NYC Dentist

December 1st, 2016 | 1 min read

By NYC Smile Design

Imagine being a single dad with a young daughter, working hard to provide.

Imagine overcoming twenty years of challenging issues with addiction, and still having to walk around with the visible scars those twenty years left on your teeth.

Imagine feeling that your dreams for a creative and fulfilling career are finally in your reach, yet the one hurdle to it all is feeling confident enough to smile.

This was the state Colin Broderick was in 6 years ago when he reached out to NYC Smile Design.

He had made massive shifts in his life, but didn’t have the financial means to fix the horrendous state that his teeth were in. It was holding him back to the point where he could barely leave the house.

I get chills when I think about the amount of humble courage it took to email a random dental practice, vulnerably share a personal story, and request help.

It speaks volumes to the kind of man Colin is, and to the kind of man Dr. Tabib is for saying yes to his request.

Colin didn’t only want a new smile for personal reasons. He had the vision to create a short film about his experience, which he followed through on:

The film encapsulates the human journey of transformation, taking us through a man’s darkest moments into a rebirth.

In itself this is a huge feat and inspiration, and the part that makes it even more powerful is how it set off a new career and life for Colin:

He met and married the woman of his dreams.

He continues to have a wonderful relationship with his daughter and new son.

His follow-up film project, “Emerald City” went on to be premiered at the Irish Film Festival.

Yes, a smile really can change a life.

It was all thanks to the caring, compassionate, generous, no-strings-attached way Dr. Tabib was willing to help transform his smile.

Colin and Dr. Tabib remain good friends to this day, which I guess is what happens when someone gives you “one the of the greatest gifts of your life.”