New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Elisa Mello is a self-described book-worm and New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ramin Tabib, a born adventurer. Together they are the principals of NYC Smile Design, a collaborative practice that boasts of the highest quality of excellent advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry, founded in 1994 and specializing in aesthetic dentistry.


As leading cosmetic dentists in New York City, Dr. Tabib and Dr. Mello offer outstanding comprehensive dental care through their Manhattan offices. The doctors have a warm and successful marriage which has created the same deeply caring atmosphere at NYC Smile Design. The entire office shares a belief in the importance of being a complete person: adhering to the highest professional standards while continuing to grow at the human level.


Both doctors are committed to giving back and have worked with programs like “Smiles for Success,” restoring the smiles of battered women to build their confidence as they begin anew. They also provide services to participants of the Doe Fund, an organization that helps homeless men attain housing and employment.

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what Diane Neal say about Nyc Smile Design

"I am so fortunate to have found Drs. Tabib and Mello. They are truly the best artists and technical experts in their field. I have relied on them for everything from cosmetic dentistry, emergencies and routine cleanings. They, and the entire team at NYC Smile Design, have always done impeccable work, are wonderful to be around, and I highly recommend them to all my friends and co-workers.  And they don't disappoint! My friends (and my husband) who have taken the advice to see NYC Smile Design, have had all their dental needs met above and beyond expectation. Simply stated, you cannot find better dentists than Dr. Tabib and Dr. Mello. They are amazing, and you would be doing yourself a favor to add them to your team of medical professionals."


Diane Neal
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When you’re searching for the best cosmetic dentist, why not take advice from real patients?   All the beautiful smiles you see on this website are real patients, not actors or models. Our Before and After Gallery shows hundreds of transformed smiles, and we’ve included dozens of Patient Testimonials and Video Testimonials so you can hear, in their own words, how real patients feel about their experience at NYC Smile Design.  But don’t take our word for it:  browse through our site and see why the doctors at NYC Smile Design are considered the best cosmetic dentists in New York


At NYC Smile Design, we pride ourselves on combining the most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques with consummate skill and artistic flair.  Whether you’re interested in state-of-the-art orthodontics, permanent teeth whitening, or a complete Smile Makeover, our talented NYC cosmetic dentists will help you look your very best.  We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments in our Manhattan office, designed to integrate the health, function and beauty of your smile. Find out more about New York cosmetic dentist services at NYC Smile Design.

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That’s just one reason you treat your oral health very seriously. Did you know that your oral health is the gateway to your overall health? It’s true, better overall dental health equates to lower incidence of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And that’s just the beginning. A better smile leads to greater self-confidence, better digestion and improved relationships.


Whether you’re interested in, clear braces, Invisaligndental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, TMJ Treatment, a complete Smile Makeover NYC, or don’t even yet know where to begin, rest assured that you have found the right place to begin your SMILE TRANSFORMATION at NYC Smile Design.


We transform your smile, you transform your life. First, check out the interactive Smile Gallery with over a hundred real patient testimonials, videos, photos and stories. You can see, hear and read about dozens of before and after Life Transformations.


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