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What are wisdom

What are wisdom teeth and will I have to get mine removed?  NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Ramin Tabib explains about wisdom teeth and gives a bit of his "wisdom" on what to do when they come in.

Dental Dangers

Dental Dangers: Why taking care of your baby's teeth starts now. Dr. Elisa Mello, a New York City dentist, explains, "People think that babies can't get cavities, but they can. A 5-month old can have dental decay."

Because of hidden decay

"Because of hidden decay, you can go through your life without noticing any cavities until it's really damaged the tooth," explains Dr. Ramin Tabib. However, now there are three new early cavity detection tools available that can help dentists minimize, even avoid, the need for drilling away tooth decay.

Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction? Can kissing cause cavities? Yep! But does that mean that you should keep your lips off limits? Dr. Mello cosmetic dentist of NYC Smile Design gives her expert advice.

Even if you're

Even if you're up on your dental hygiene, the odds of living a cavity free life are not in your favor. Learn about the new tools that New York City dentist Dr. Ramin Tabib uses in to help spot cavities earlier than conventional methods.


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