Teeth Lengthening

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Teeth lengthening is actually a common procedure in which gum tissue is repositioned to reveal more of your tooth. Often referred to as crown-lengthening, it is employed to extend the surface volume of a tooth.

It is an extremely useful procedure for teeth that need to be repaired such as a tooth that has broken off near the gum line. Basically, our dentists can maximize the effectiveness of the necessary repairs by recontouring the gum tissue.

Applications of Crown Lengthening

When used for cosmetic procedures, nothing is as effective as crown-lengthening to correct a gummy smile; a situation in which too much gum tissue obscures the optimum line of the teeth, and the optimum shape for each tooth. A carefully calibrated tooth lengthening allows the tooth/gum ratio to achieve a better balance.

For most patients, the work can be accomplished using a combination of local anesthesia and one water laser to produce the desired results: a new, perfectly proportioned smile.

Cosmetically improving a gummy smile often requires work on more than one tooth alone; often neighboring teeth are involved. The amount of time required depends on how many teeth are involved in the treatment. When done by skilled practitioners, the results offer dramatic improvement, and healing time is minimized.

Whether your crowns are lengthened for improved function, hygiene, or esthetics, the double rewards of a beautiful smile and optimum dental health will encourage you to smile and speak with new confidence. To learn more, please call 212-452-3344 or contact NYC Smile Design through the online contact form.