Remin Pro®

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Remin Pro® is a professional-strength oral health gel that has been specifically designed to prevent and control hypersensitivity while protecting against cavities in between your regularly scheduled visits. Ideal for use after tooth whitening, particularly for individuals who struggle with tooth sensitivity, Remin Pro is also a safe and highly effective way to keep teeth and gums at peak health following routine cleanings and examinations at our New York City dental office. During your next appointment, Dr. Ramin Tabib or Elisa Mello would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Remin Pro and to help you determine if this oral health solution is ideal for you.

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What Makes Remin Pro Different?

Remin Pro® is scientifically proven to reduce sensitivity, protect against decay, and whiten teeth without harsh chemicals or abrasives. In NYC, call 212-452-3344 to learn moreRemin Pro offers the triple protection of calcium and phosphate (hydroxyapatite), fluoride, and xylitol. This specially formulated product provides 61% more fluoride than leading store-bought toothpastes, giving Remin Pro the ability to remineralize teeth that have been impacted by acid erosion and aging. Hydroxyapatite works to restore mineral balance, helping strengthen teeth while reducing sensitivity caused by diminishing enamel. Xylitol, relatively new to dentistry, has proven to help prevent cavities – in some studies more effectively than fluoride – giving Remin Pro one more advantage over store-bought alternatives. What’s more, all of these ingredients are derived from nonanimal sources, eliminating the risk of milk protein allergies that are common with some specialty toothpaste.

Similar to toothpaste yet entirely unique, Remin Pro is applied to the teeth with a finger, toothbrush, or customized application tray. When applied via brush or finger, it is spread over the teeth and gums with the tongue and left in place for at least three minutes. After waiting the requisite amount of time, the remaining gel is spat out, though further rinsing is not recommended.

This simple and quick process acts as a replacement for brushing teeth which can, following enamel erosion, cause additional damage.

Remin Pro is water based, safe, and free of the harsh chemicals many oral health products rely on for efficacy. Able to neutralize acids, restore mineral content, and gently whiten teeth without abrasives, Remin Pro is available in three flavors and a variety of sizes – all of which can be reviewed and purchased through our NYC office.

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